Pakistan Economic and Social Review - Lahore


School of Economics, University of the Punjab, Lahore
ISSN (print): 1011-002X
ISSN (online): 2224-4174


Publication Ethics and Malpractice statement

PESR has the following code of conduct which has to follow by all parties involving in publication process. These code of conduct are in accordance to Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) which can be found at


Responsibilities of Author(s)

Author(s) must be responsible to provide original and non-plagiarised content. All the citation stated in text must have complete references. Only those author(s) will be entitled for authorship who have significantly contributed in submitted research. It is author(s) responsibility to immediately notify editor(s) if any mistake come into his/her consideration after submission. Author(s) are also obliged to provide raw data used in estimation on the request of editors/referees. Author(s) are restricted to publish same content in other journals.


Responsibilities of Editor

Editors of PESR are responsible for all the actions and decisions made from submission to publication. All submitted manuscripts are treated equally irrespective to author(s) race, gender, ethnicity, religious belief and citizenship. Editors of PESR protect the author(s) data by maintaining strict confidentiality during review process. In order to make Peer Review Process unbiased editors keep the identity of both authors and Reviewers anonyms. Quality of journal is maintained by appreciating anti-plagiarised and relevant content.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

Reviewers will provide complete guidance to author(s) for improving manuscript. Submitted manuscript and related data must be kept confidential and used for review purpose only. Reviewers have to provide review report on time. They have to inform editor/author about any uncited work used in research. They have to inform editors about any potential conflict of interest and declining to review when a possibility of a conflict exists.